Thursday, 31 May 2012

More favourite podcasts part 2

Pod F Tompkast                     
Podcast frequenter Paul F Tompkins (He’s mentioned about 50 times on this blog) own podcast, is one that puts a lot of effort into the production side of things. It took me a while to warm to it, and appreciate the work that gets put into it every month. With that said the strongest part of every episode is often the conversations with Jen Kirkman. The 2nd series has also started introducing other studio guests as well. The recent one with Gillian Jacobs was one of the better ones.

One of the few sketch show podcasts. A lot more work goes into sound, production and editing on these, and it’s also semi-improvised. Jeremy Carter and Matt Gourley are the main masterminds/technicians behind the show, and perform in the sketches and frequent performers include Paul F Tompkins, Erinn Hayes, Chris Tallman and one of the best performances comes from Patton Oswalt as a game show host that goes increasingly insane over the series at his stupid contestants.

Thrilling Adventure Hour
The Thrilling adventure hour is recorded from a monthly stage show written by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker. It’s a kind of pastiche/love letter to old time radio stations, frequent performers include Paul F Tompkins, John Ennis, John Di Maggio, James Urbaniak and Paget Brewster. Shows are usually only around 20 minutes, so it’s just a short fun little story every month.

The Todd Glass Show
Has probably become my 2nd favourite podcast after comedy bang bang, over time the podcast has built up an array of running bits and jokes. The show has had some good guests, but the episodes that work best are with people who know Todd well and share his sense of humour. Rory Scovel episodes in particular are usually the strongest. The show can also switch in a second between a very silly improvised sketch into a deadly serious and passionate conversation about political or sociological topics, but the loose feel is part of its charm and it’s always compelling.

You Made it Weird
Pete Holmes is much more in the traditional podcast going for in-depth conversations with one of his comedian friends. But he’s good at it because he’s a very engaged host. There are a lot of themes he often seems to come back to, but he manages to make his interviews strike a very good balance between funny and serious topics.

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